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What do I need to provide to get a price on a platform?

The roof pitch in degrees and the size of the platform required (in 600mm increment sizes), or the size of the unit that will be mounted on it and where the access panels are on the unit (if space is required on these sides to provide for maintenance access)

What materials are the platforms constructed from?

Components – Combination of extruded, folded and punched aluminium.

Fixings – Stainless Steel.

How are the platforms fixed to the roof?

Where required by wind zoning or roof pitch the bottom flange of each wedge is fixed to the roof sheeting using high strength VHB structural tape or tek screwed through the bottom flange of each wedge and the roof sheet to the roof purlins in extreme situations.

How often does the roof have to be penetrated and how are the roof penetrations sealed?

Less than 1% of platforms sold by Con-form have required the roof to be penetrated to fix the platform down. Each wedge comes with a self-adhesive strip of foam rubber or VHB tape which, as the foam rubber compresses, acts as a dissimilar metals barrier, waterproofing element and sound & vibration barrier.

What is the kPa rating of the platforms?

Our platforms are live load certified by a structural engineer to 2.5kPa (255 Kg/m²), 5.0kPa (510kg Kg/m²),  or greater – which is the Aus/NZ Standard for platforms – AS1657 – 2013

What do I have to rate the roof structure beneath the platform to?

Total weight combined of Platform, Screens, Louvers etc (*²Refer to weights below) Plus any plant equipment ((Platform area in m² x weight of platform) + weight of plant equipment)/ Platform area in m²

Example of a typical scenario:
6 m x 6 m EasyMech MR platform, with 2000 kg unit:
Platform = 36m²
Platform weight = 14 Kg/ m² @ 3 Degrees
(36 x 14)+2000)/36 = 70kg per m²

How much weight can I place on the platform?

The square meter size of the platform x 250Kg – providing the weight is centralised on the platform – the structural design of the platform ensures that a centrally located weight on the platform is evenly distributed over the footprint size of the platform.

What are the weights of the platforms?

EasyMechMR:  14 Kg/ m² @ 3 Degrees to 20kg/ m²
EasyMechCR:  18 Kg/ m²Classic Screen Wall:  7kg/m²
Soundshield Acoustic Screen Wall:  15.25kg/m²
Peacemaker Acoustic Screen Wall:  7.25kg/m²
Acoustic+ Acoustic Screen Wall:  16.5kg/m²
Guard rail:  3kg/lineal metre

How long does it take to assemble a platform?

A 3m x 3m platform would take one person 2 hours at their first attempt.

What tools do I need to assemble a platform?

A 13mm spanner which is supplied with the fixings, a drill and a tek driver.

Will I need to crane my platform onto the roof?

If the complete platform is required on the roof in one package, a crane would be required – the alternative is to cut the package open and carry the individual parts up.

How do I mount my air conditioning units to the platform?

As there are so many varied units with different mounting configurations, our certification does not cover this aspect, hence we do not provide fixings for air-con units – our recommendation is to bolt the units down to the mesh (with a piece of AVANT Anti-Vibration, Anti-Noise Technology pad between them) using a plate with a hole in it, below the mesh or to bolt through the mesh and cross beam, if the mounting foot of the units is directly above it.

Can I cut a penetration in the platform?

Yes, a penetration can be cut in the platform (maximum size 1110mm x 1110mm). This must be done in accordance with the penetration specification sheet.

What is the warranty on your platforms?

The complete Con-form product range is backed by a 25 year warranty.

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