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At Con-form Group, we're dedicated to value engineering and early design specification solutions

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looking for a custom platform for your unique project?

Con-form Group’s range of proprietary platform systems are generations ahead of heavy and unsightly conventional steel platforms and responsive to each project’s needs.

Con-form Group works cohesively with Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Architects, Consultants, Air Conditioning Contractors, Refrigeration Contractors and related trades, to provide project specific solutions every time.

Simple solutions for sloping metal roofs

The EasyMech MR Platform is the most versatile, lightweight and practical solution for any project involving a sloping roof. Got a complex structure and require a unique solution?

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Simple solutions for flat hard roofs

You need the EasyMech CR Platform.

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The easiest and most compliant option is to specify us during the early design stages of a project

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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Send us your current plans

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We design and certify a solution for you

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Your plans are updated and you've saved time and money!